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The Executive Board

2018 Annual Report
  • President: Tom Koerber
  • Vice President: Lisa Malizia
  • Secretary: Laura Bechtel
  • Treasurer: Lisa Puglisi
  • Fundraising Chair: Open

  • Executive Director: Robin Keener
  • Member: Alan Shephard
  • Member: Ariel Basham
  • Member: Cher Boyle
  • Member: Kim Fleming
  • Member: Laura Bechtel
  • Member: Len Parrish
  • Member: Terri LaBruto
  • Member: Vivian Kahoe
  • Member: Jessica Boyle-Tsottles

About Homecoming Project

Homecoming Project is an eight bed, state certified half-way house for women recovering from alcohol and substance abuse. The mission of Homecoming Project is to provide women with a comprehensive, family-oriented program of recovery from homelessness and substance abuse in a supportive residential environment.

Contact Info

PO Box 1190, Bel Air MD 21014

Phone: 410-399-2904

Fax: 410-399-2905

Web: Homecoming Project