Important Program Information

Resident Manual
What Do I Bring?

Recovery & Life Skills Group

Residents participate in weekly groups that focus on relapse prevention, enhancing self-esteem, interpersonal skills, and better decision-making. The Recovery & Life Skills Group is facilitated by a trained relapse prevention professional.

Individual Counseling

Each resident participates in outpatient counseling in order to address individualized challenges with co-occuring disorders, codependency, and unresolved grief and trauma.


Addiction is a disease that impacts the entire family. Every effort is made to ensure that the women reconnect with their families, providing that the families are healthy enough to be involved in the recovery process. Family services include: literature and referrals for support groups, referrals for family counseling, and involvement in the discharge planning process. Throughout the week, the women call their families and children and are encouraged to write letters and send cards. Additionally, we do invite family members to visit on Saturday and Sunday. Residents may also be approved for day, overnight, and weekend passes.

Education Sessions

Residents participate in weekly education sessions conducted by local business and government professionals. Volunteers have presented on a variety of topics, such as money management, professionalism on the job, and personal safety. Local professionals in the arts of yoga and acupuncture provide much needed pain and stress management alternatives to support clients in the recovery process. Through local partnerships, our residents receive career exploration, income tax filing assistance, and GED preparation.

12-Step Programs

Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous have proven themselves to be vital tools for the addict in her effort to obtain and maintain sobriety. We model our program from the principles taught in Alcoholics Anonymous, such as honesty, willingness, and acceptance. Homecoming requires the residents to attend one meeting daily for 90 days. They are also expected to connect with a sponsor and begin working the 12 steps with their sponsor’s guidance.


Access to physical recreation is essential to the well being of clients as they work to address addiction issues, maintain good health and learn to make better lifestyle choices. Homecoming Project has an in-ground pool on site that provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere for clients to exercise and take water aerobics classes. Therapeutic riding lessons are offered by a partner horse farm in Harford County. Acupuncture treatments and classes in yoga and meditation for stress reduction and drug-free pain relief are donated by local practitioners. Clients also have access to exercise equipment in a newly renovated room, giving them the opportunity to improve their physical strength and endurance. Clients are also encouraged to enjoy the local outdoor resources such as Rock State Park and the Ma and Pa Trail.

Case Management

As with any extended care facility, our clients are faced with numerous unresolved issues at the time of admission. Our clients are often homeless and unemployed. They are faced with outstanding legal issues and overwhelming debt. Many of them lack the proper identification such as a photo ID or social security card, which is necessary in obtaining employment. Many require follow-up psychiatric care for co-occurring disorders, medical and dental examinations but are uninsured and have no financial means to obtain these necessary services.

At the time of intake, new residents work closely with the case manager to complete a needs assessment and determine case management goals. Without the proper support services, most women would crumble under the weight of their “sober to-do” list. They find comfort in knowing that they have up to one year in a safe and supportive environment to “chip away” at their list of unresolved issues. We ask that they put all except their most immediate needs on hold until they have reached Level 2 status in our program which usually occurs within 90 days.